Highlight Your Trees

By adding our tree rings around your trees, you’ll highlight the appearance of your trees, and give them a beautiful finish towards the lawn.

We offer our tree rings in untreated steel, that will rust and give them a nice rustic finish. You can also get the tree rings in galvanized steel, if you’re leaning towards a more timeless appearance.

Easy Maintenance

Add wood or granite chippings to the inside of the tree rings, and you’ll not only create a beautiful appearance, but also one that needs very low maintenance.

Lawn Mowing – No Problem

Our tree rings are heavy-duty steel rings, that can carry the weight of a smaller lawn mowing tractor, driving over them.

Even though they are ruggedly built, they are still lightweight and take no time to assemble.

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Landscaping companies that use our Tree Rings



Standard Sizes

We offer five standard sizes of our tree rings.

All available sizes are available in untreated, as well as galvanized steel.


In order to meet special landscaping demands, we can offer to customize our tree rings in size, so that they will fit the needs of your landscaping project.

The size of out tree rings are defined by three measurements and in order to customize a tree ring, we just need the following measurments from you:

1. Inside Diameter (ID)
2. Flange Width (FW) and/or Outside Diameter (OD)
3. Height (H)

Who We Are

We are Redwood Denmark and we’re the makers of the original tree rings.

We act as a supplier for landscaping companies, that use our tree rings in their landscaping projects.

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